With the numerous decorators in London to choose from, it is not easy to get the right painters to hire. Most people have fallen victim of being conned by scam painter who are not even qualified to offer painting services. To avoid hiring the wrong painting company, don’t rush through the hiring process or hire a painter because you were recommended by a friend. People have different needs and preferences and hence a painter may satisfy the needs of your friends but not yours. You may be having different specifications that you want implemented and he may fail to. Therefore, ask the painter the following question before hiring them:

Their business history

Asking about their history will help you know more about the company, level of experience and expertise, whether they are passionate with what they do etc. Take your time to discuss how the company was started, what motivates them, their challenges, mission and objectives to understand more about the painting company. Most professional painting companies have laid down plans and missions because they work to achieve a certain goal.

Insurance cover

Due to the nature of the job, professional painters should have an insurance cover in case of an accident. If you don’t want to be held liable and incur extra costs after a painter sustains injuries when working in your home, make sure that you hire a painter who has an insurance cover. Always check the validity of the insurance to make sure you don’t pay their hospital bills among other compensation fees if a painter gets injured painting your property.

Size of their business

Depending with their business history, you can be able to relate the size of their business. Asking about the size of their business will help you know the number of workers they have, whether they have more branches etc. This is crucial because some painters work alone or have several workers to help them and this may cause inconveniences if you’ve a big painting project. In addition, if the company is not big enough to own equipment and tools required for the job, it may end up wasting a lot of time. Hence, you will have to know the size of their business to determine whether they can manage the painting project.

Their business methods

When looking for a painting company, inquire about the methods they will use to paint your home since some painters may not have necessary materials for the job. Most painters in London use brushes, rollers and spray on equipment to get the job done effectively and fast. If the company you are about to hire does not have any of the equipment, it is advisable you find another one if you want to get quality services.


Do the painting company offer guarantee for the work done? A guarantee helps you get surety that the painter will do a thorough job and after painting is done, you can assess the project and determine if they offered value for money services. Any painting company offering a guarantee is professional and is likely to offer you quality services.

Most painting companies which are professional offer good services because they don’t want to tarnish their name. Hence, to have a good reputation, referrals and positive online reviews, these companies always offer high quality painting services.